Cookery is art

Michelin chefs are real artists. Artists in visual appearance and taste. Artists under time pressure. But what’s on your mind, dear Michelin chef, when you create your complex treats, your incomparable pieces of art with much skill, phantasy and love? Do you occasionally have the desire, that these exclusive and precious, yet fading creations are given more appreciation and imperishability? We invite the most outstanding chefs from around the world to join the Fine Dine Club, to honor your art with an everlasting value which will also pay off financially.

About the Fine Dine Club

On one hand the Fine Dine Club consists of our artists – the Michelin-starred chefs from different countries. On the other hand, a very limited number of selected culinary art enthusiasts from all over the world can be granted membership under certain conditions.

Different from anything seen so far, only a limited number of people will have the chance to invest in this real digital art. The first of its kind.

From each country, only one carefully selected Michelin-starred chef will have the chance to represent a country through his or her unique art. They will be able to showcase their extraordinary creations to the whole world in a series of pictures, eternized in a NFT-Collection.

A Unique Opportunity

In a fast-changing world, it is important to keep pace with the changes in society’s preferences and habits. Regardless of the industry, being on top of innovation is key for success. Restaurants must reinvent their rituals that lead to desirability.

The Fine Dine Club offers exceptional chefs this opportunity. It is the chance to be the pioneer in this process and gain important advantages. The list of benefits that this club offers for the participating chefs is extensive.

Chefs will profit from our immeasurable marketing. Each individual chef can expect immense publicity that will foster their brand awareness and the solidification of their name in the industry. Through the network effect in the Fine Dine Club, chefs will gain access to a very broad public. Thereby increasing their demand, reputation and relevance.

Moreover, chefs will also have a considerable financial benefit, earning from the initial sale of the NFT collection. Not only the first sale, but also subsequent sales will grant them earnings based on the transaction volume.


NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. Non-fungible essentially means unique or non-interchangeable – it is one of a kind. When it comes to digital art, an NFT is really about a record of ownership above all else. Who owns the original cannot be faked or copied. You can buy and sell an NFT while securely transferring ownership.


Owning an NFT is like owning an original painting. Only one Mona Lisa exists painted by Leonardo da Vinci himself. Many copies exist – posters, digitized versions – but only one is the original. An NFT gives an immutable record of ownership, like a perfect provenance that cannot be faked. The same applies to the masterpieces of the Fine Dine Club: Each dish will be an NFT and just like Leonardo da Vincis Mona Lisa, the pioneering chefs may also enter the hall of fame with their creations.

You can contact us filling out the contact form down below or email us under and we’ll get in touch with you shortly with more information.

Only Michelin-starred chefs/restaurants will get a chance to apply to the Fine Dine Club. Chefs that have only been featured in the Michelin Guide, received Gault-Millau-Points or have won other prizes will not be considered.


No. The Fine Dine Club is creating a NFT collection where only the most special cooking styles and renowned chefs world-wide will be considered. Chefs from the same country will be in competition to get the representative spot for their respective country. The choosing of the representative will be solely conducted by the Fine Dine Club.

No, the sole criteria to become the representative chef of your country is the artistic talent.

Chefs will earn a share of the revenue that is generated through the initial sale of the NFT collection. Furthermore, each time an NFT is resold on the aftermarket, you’ll earn a % of the transaction volume.

Yes of course. Not only will you make financial profits through to the NFT collection, but you’ll also gain immense branding value. The publicity will be massive for you as the chef and for your restaurant(s).

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